About me

Photography has been my passion for longer than two decades and I owe my love of photography to my father who has been a professional photographer his entire life. During my upbringing, my father has been my teacher and my role model. He has shown me the possibilities and the beauty that a photograph can achieve, therefore, my love towards photography was inevitable.

My specialty and passion lies in taking wedding, family and baby photographs. I am curious and unpredictable, thereby, photography is a tool that helps me explore new possibilities and ideas. I believe in my intuition and creativity. My opinion is that the secret of a great photograph lies in having a warm and friendly approach with a subject.

Imagine a photographer who always has a smile on their face that makes their subjects feel comfortable and unique. I give my subjects my full and undeniable attention, and I believe that this is the factor that gives my photographs that magical quality. Through the power of photography, I will show you passion, love, happiness... and I will introduce you to the world of overwhelming emotion.

Call me, it is never too early to contact me and reserve your photo session.